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Sample Letter
How to Lobby for a City or State Payroll Week

The Honorable Mayor
City Hall
City, State

Dear Mayor/Governor ___________:

I am writing on behalf of the American Payroll Association to seek your support for a Payroll Week in [fill in City, State]. We believe the designation of the week in which Labor Day occurs as Payroll Week would go far to recognize the important contributions of the people of this city who work to support the American Dream and highlight the partnership between taxpayers and payroll professionals. As former President Bill Clinton said: "By honoring hardworking Americans across our nation and underscoring the vital importance of payroll taxes to our country's strength and security, National Payroll Week helps to foster growth and prosperity for our entire nation." The American Payroll Association has designated the week in which Labor Day falls as National Payroll Week.

The American Payroll Association represents [Insert approximate number here] residents in our state and [Insert approximate number here] businesses. Needless to say these taxpayers and businesses contribute millions of dollars to the state and federal treasuries through payroll taxes each year. These taxes include both federal and state withholding, which go toward important civic projects, including roads, schools and parks. Taxpayers and payroll professionals are also partners in supporting the social security and Medicare systems. In addition, companies are now playing an increasingly important role in the enforcement of child support laws by calculating and deducting child support payments from workers' pay.

The theme of National Payroll Week is " America works because we're working for America ." The collection, reporting and payment of payroll taxes by employers is a positive example of what works in America . Your support of Payroll Week would be an important step in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of workers in the United States and the payroll professionals who report these workers' earnings, collect their taxes and pay their wages. We believe the proclamation of Payroll Week in [fill in City, State] will enhance the public's understanding of their role in helping support the system and the contributions of payroll professionals.

Enclosed is a proclamation proposal which we believe captures the spirit of Payroll Week. I would, however, be happy to work with you or your staff to refine the language of the proclamation. I would also be interested in discussing additional projects for Payroll Week with your staff and participating in any project that can help improve the public's understanding of issues related to our payroll and tax systems.

I look forward to hearing from you and your staff in the near future. Please feel free to contact either me at [ your phone here] or [ provide the name of an alternative contact, along with the phone number].


[ your name and title]



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